Wicked Syracuse

$ 19.95

Author:  Neil K. MacMillan

Gangsters, train robbery, forgery and prostitution—these misdeeds are more often associated with New York City or the Wild West, but make no mistake, Syracuse, New York, has housed its fair share of vice and sinners. A riot prompted politicians to make Syracuse a city in the first place. A man who billed himself as “Dillinger the Second” once walked ’Cuse’s streets, and a notorious gangster boasted of his desire to retire in Salt City. At the end of the nineteenth century, neither law enforcement nor fervent clergy could stop rampant illicit gambling. Local author Neil MacMillan tours the city of Syracuse, unearthing tales of its most infamous residents and their dastardly deeds—from strange murders to bounty jumpers to vandals.

Softcover.  140 pages.  (c) 2013.

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