Carry This? Up That?!

$ 14.95

Author: Sandy Wallace

Cover Illustrator and Designer: Troy Hoover Illustration

Sandy found herself struggling with the “aging gracefully” concept. It wasn’t that she didn’t accept the inevitability of getting older, rather she had pretty much given up the fight. That is, until her bestie in all past girlfriend adventures, Julie, suggested hiking a section of the Appalachian Trail.Slowly, she began to question exactly just what her limitations might be. Were they all self-imposed? Could she still mount that wild bucking bronco of adventure? Or was she ready to check into the retirement community and rent a scooter.Follow Sandy as she joins Julie, strapping on their backpacks, climbing up and down the mountains of Pennsylvania, and leaving their hair dryers behind.

Softcover, 201 pages, © 2018

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