Ariadne's Death: Tales of Heroism and Tragedy on Lake Ontario

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Author:  Susan Peterson Gateley

From the tragic ends of several family-owned cargo schooners of the nineteenth century to the improbable outcome of a fishing trip on Lake Ontario taken in 2002, sailor-writer Susan Peterson Gateley chronicles maritime disasters, acts of heroism, and some close calls on Lake Ontario. 

Here you'll read of the unfortunate end of the schooner Ariadne and the difficult death of the Noyes.  Steamers were also at risk as the story of the Quinte's end by fire and the Lady of the Lakes' close call show.  The book describes events at Oswego, the most lethal harbor for old sailing ships on the lake for a number of years.  Captain Horation Nelson Throop, inventor and innovator, the mysterious Captain Smith, and the heroic beer cooler will keep you turning the pages!

Softcover.  95 pages.  (c) 2006.

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