Memorial Services

We are sorry if you have recently lost a loved one. 

The Sodus Bay Lighthouse is a special place filled with wonderful memories.  Our society strives to preserve the sensitivity of this historically significant site. 

Many people want to remember their loved ones at the lighthouse; however, we do not permit memorial services on our grounds.  

As an alternative, you may want to consider two local parks operated by Wayne County:  Sodus Point Beach Park in Sodus Point or B. Forman Park in Williamson.  Alternately, there may be area businesses, such as bed and breakfast inns, that could accommodate your request. 

Of course, you may always make a memorial donation to the Sodus Bay Historical Society in memory of your loved one, which would enable us to continue preserving this beautiful site.

Should you require additional information, please use our Contact Form to reach the museum staff.

Again, we express our sympathy for your loss.