About Sodus Bay

 Chimney Bluffs State Park


Sodus Point, New York, and Sodus Bay, its natural harbor and vacation area, is located on the southern shore of Lake Ontario about 40 miles from its eastern end.  The mouth of the Genesee River at Rochester, New York, is thirty miles to the west.  The northern end of Route 14 terminates at the very tip of Sand Point where Greig Street meets Great Sodus Bay, and Route 104 provides excellent access east and west across the Lake Ontario shore counties.  The shores of Sodus Bay lie in the Town of Sodus on the West and North, and in the Town of Huron on the South and East.

Sodus Bay is the best protected and most scenic harbor on the entire Lake.  Its waters average about 20 feet in depth, and the Bay hosts a large fleet of pleasure boats and sportfishing charter boats.  The shoreline of the Bay is ringed with both seasonal cottages and permanent homes.

Local businesses are mainly associated with boating, sportfishing, tourism, or fruit farming in the areas of Wayne County surrounding Sodus Bay.  Sodus Point's harbor and shores are the home of many marinas and boatyards.  In addition, launching ramps for smaller craft are found in multiple public and private locations around Sodus Bay.  Several hundred craft use the waters every day through the use of these facilities.  Visiting private cruising boats find the Sodus Bay anchorages and commercial transient dockage among the most protected and inviting on all of Lake Ontario.

In the spring and summer season, Sodus Bay's restaurants, bars, and food stands provide a wide range of dining choices.  Special events are featured almost every weekend over the full course of the summer from the middle of June until Labor Day.  The Sodus Point Beach is part of the Wayne County Parks System, and provides public access for swimming and recreation at the pier entrance to Sodus Harbor.  Additionally, the area has two New York State parks:  Chimney Bluffs and Beechwood (the latter is maintained by the Town of Sodus).

For more outdoor fun, the Sodus Bay Heights Golf Course provides public access to their 18-hole facility, which overlooks the bay from its south shore.

For additional information, you may contact Wayne County Tourism at (800) 527-6510.