Lighthouses and Lifesaving at Oswego

$ 21.95

Author: Theodore J. Panayotoff and Michael R. Pittavino

The oldest freshwater port in the United States is nestled firmly into the southeastern shore of Lake Ontario at Oswego, New York. Since 1822, four lighthouses have guided the mariner's safe passage to shore, and just as those lighthouses stood watch, so did the men and women who manned them. Members of the US Life-Saving Service, Revenue Cutter Service, and Coast Guard followed and remained vigilant in the face of danger, always ready to assist those in distress on the inland sea. Lighthouses and Life Saving at Oswego allows readers to step back in time and explore the iconic landmarks and exemplary individuals that afforded Oswego its commercial prominence for nearly two centuries.

Softcover, 127 pages, © 2018

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